Platformer where you play an adventurous leaf


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LeafWind is a platformer where you play a friendly little tree leaf who needs to save the Green Space from an attack by mechanical creatures threatening to destroy the natural beauty of her home.

Players have to guide their character through a dangerous 2D world. Your little leaf will jump and (being a leaf) glide freely around the level. Look out for thorns, though, as they can be lethal to her.

Along the way, you'll have to pick up yellow balls to complete the levels. You'll also have to achieve certain objectives (like finding all the pieces of a machine to make it work) so you can continue on your adventure.

LeafWind's incredible graphics are definitely one of its best features, with colors and lighting effects (the night levels are especially pretty) that are jaw-dropping.

LeafWind is a gorgeous 2D platformer with a fun gameplay. Best of all, it's completely free.
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